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Speaking of unnatural disasters, here's my capsule review of The Perfect Storm: Corny-corny-corny, water-water-water, corny-corny-corny. But I liked it! Meanwhile, I hear that Mickey Rourke might ride a comeback wave as a prison drag queen in something called Animal Factory. I'm scared of that.

My minutiae-factory mind has just acquired a new tidbit: Seth Green, that Austin Powers cutie, will portray Michael Alig's friend turned denouncer James St. James in the movie version of the club kid horror. Perhaps Mini-Me can play clubland's conscience.

Finally, X-Men premiered on Ellis Island—the real locale of Survivor—and though I prefer Archie and Veronica, the film was made with a certain stylishly grim persuasion that provides hope for mutants everywhere. After the schlepp, the arrivals, the party, the screening, and a fireworks display, it's a wonder we were still standing, let alone grabbing for gift bags, but we did so and even managed to track down Marvel Comics honcho Stan Lee on the quease-making boat ride back. Lee told me that X-Men is the most successful adaptation of his stuff to date, and he hasn't always been so thrilled. "We had a Captain America and a Punisher that weren't anything to write home about," he lamented. "And of course you know about Howard the Duck." Yes, I do; that duck was even more of a turkey than Lost Horizon.

The dazzling Diana Ross
photo courtesy of Universal Records/Firooz Zahedi
The dazzling Diana Ross


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