One Man’s Machines

Lone Guy Wrangles Worldwide Weirdness in Winner Show

In addition to his work on various programs for MTV and PBS, Greenberg has done stints on a monster truck show, numerous game shows, and various shows that have gone nowhere. These experiences in Nielsen never-never land have made him a more sympathetic viewer than he might otherwise be, he says: "I've been the person making the kind of programming that I'd show on my show. I know exactly—exactly—how that feels."

Greenberg says he has talked informally with people at MTV about developing a Media Shower-inspired program for the network, where several staffers are said to be regular viewers. "Some people watch the show and simply have no idea why anyone would want to watch this stuff," he says. "Other people watch it and it's like coming home. It's like someone else is articulating that fascination that they have."

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