David Cuthbert
New Orleans, Louisiana

Feingold Forgiven

When I received an unfavorable review from Michael Feingold in the early 1970s for my production of Tennessee Williams's The Purification, I was devastated, and I thought that I would never forgive Mr. Feingold.

He has finally won my forgiveness!

Mr. Feingold's very perceptive review of the Public Theatre production of The Winter's Tale ["What Bears Pursuing," July 18] convinced me that he is one of the most astute critics around today. Far superior to critics at the Times, the Post, and New York magazine. His only near-equal is John Lahr of The New Yorker.

In terms of what might "bear pursuing," I suggest that NYU or Juilliard hire Mr. Feingold to teach future actors and directors how to approach Shakespeare so that audiences might realize that, in Feingold's words, "Shakespeare is, in fact, exactly as good as he sounds."

Paul Kielar

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