Forty-eight hours later, Cory hand-delivered Juli's ass to me at my hotel room, just in time for my workshop later that day, when I proudly displayed her, spanked her, and slid my lubed-up fingers in her. I even put a butt plug in that sweet hole between her cheeks (after proper warm-up, of course). Juli's ass brought a (w)hole new dimension to my teaching; people who've seen my workshop before told me they actually got turned on when I demonstrated penetration techniques on Juli's ass. Nearly everyone wanted to come up and touch her. (Her pussy's pretty great, too, and she even has a G-spot!)

Canadian laws are so obsessed with the degradation of one human being by another—depictions of sex combined with bondage or one person peeing on another are against the law—and yet you can purchase a woman's pussy and ass, without the rest of her body, without a face or a brain, for a few hundred dollars. It's enough to make a radical feminist's head explode. To some men, Juli is just a new-fangled blow-up doll. To antiporn feminist Andrea Dworkin, she's a misogynist toy that encourages violence against women. To me, she's the ass and pussy that have changed the way I teach people about anal sex. Thank you, Canada!

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