Target Practice

The Low (Cost) Road to Fashion

"We drive trend and image."
illustration: Jorge Colombo
"We drive trend and image."

It takes a lot of imagination to envision fashion possibilities under these bleak circumstances, but it's not impossible, and in fact, a lot of the runway offerings are already in stock. The handkerchief skirt, available not just in snake-print chiffon but also peacock blue paisley, turns out to have an elastic waistband, and those Prada Sport-ish trousers, in olive with maroon trim, are hanging a couple of feet away, in a comforting size 16, just about twice as big as the largest size the Prada store on Fifth Avenue has to offer. And of course there's a wide selection of T-shirts, the pièce de resistance being a skimpily cut bell-sleeved bit of sorcery with a keyhole neckline, a label that reads Xhilaration, and the kind of vaguely Far Eastern pattern that first floated into the public consciousness around the time the Beatles were making pilgrimages to the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. It's just the thing to wear for that first taste of reefer behind the Lindenhurst Target store, and, at $9.99, it won't use up all the baby-sitting money.

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