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Lieberman Signals a Right Turn; Hillary Follows Close Behind

At one time, Lerner thought he had the ear of erstwhile progressive Hillary Clinton. She's left him in the dust of the campaign trail, however. The man who was once derided by Rush Limbaugh as Hillary's "official rabbi" made clear that he's no longer her spiritual mentor.

He did recall, however, Hillary telling him years ago that she and Bill kept copies of Tikkun in their White House bathroom.

"She clearly identified as more progressive," Lerner recalled. "But even then she was telling me how scared she was that 'no one in the public arena is supporting us.' I would tell her, 'But he's the president! You can lead by example.' They didn't understand that. She has an internal moral compass, but she doesn't have a political moral compass. As a public person, she will go in the direction that will be popular." He added, "I've seen her move in many different directions, depending on where the wind is blowing. You can move toward your beliefs or your interests. She has consistently moved toward her interests."

Which don't include being called "pro-Palestinian"—which occurred as recently as last year—or being accused of calling a former campaign aide a "fucking Jew bastard."

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