Intimate Pleasures

So it's not surprising that they despise current teenpop, for example, even though they accept acts like Stereo Total whose music is based on a similar junk culture aesthetic. For the pop-oriented fan and critic, however, the critical questions about teenpop and similar trends are fairly obvious. Should we dismiss the merit of music that is considered trivial and commercial, even though all rock music was once viewed this way? Should we dismiss music that is "manufactured," even though this category covers a wide variety of music ranging from the Beatles to Faust? Are music industry operatives as adept at manipulating kids as their detractors believe, even though kids have real needs that the manipulators have to address in order to make money? Is it wrong for a musical act to develop a performance shtick and cater to a target audience, even though indie-rock cult bands do it too?

Ironically, indie-rock cultists accept performers whose inspired amateurism and awkward gestures of self-expression are often more suggestive of adolescence than the slickly crafted music of many teenpop bands. Performers like Mikey Wild, Quintron, and Stereo Total speak for our musical id, the part of us that wants to break free from social constraints and notions of adult respectability. Perhaps this is more attractive to adults, who've had to come to terms with these social rules, than to the teenyboppers who are just starting to suss them out.

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