$140,000 for a Judgeship?

Civil Court's Maxine Archer Says Her Robe Is Not for Sale

One political operative says Towns was not upset about not "getting paid," but was only "covering his ass" when he backed Judge Archer's challenger. "As Clarence Norman's candidate, the judge will be campaigning against Norman's enemies," the operative explains. "Clarence Norman could point to Towns's lack of vision in not seeking to place a qualified candidate on the bench. Ed Towns will now be forced to match the wrath of the Brooklyn Democratic machine's candidate to ensure that his political allies are protected." A politician like Towns, he adds, would never leave his underlings exposed to a candidate who is supported by individuals seeking to destroy the political organization it has taken him years to build.

"He had to avoid the political ramifications," the operative argues. "If Towns did not run a candidate against the judge, her name would be on the ballot without opposition, and people who want to vote for a different kind of civil court judge would be left without a choice."

Judge Archer says she's the only choice. "If this candidate [Betty Williams] is elected, it's our community that will suffer, and justice will not be served," Archer declares in her campaign brochure. "Our community deserves a civil court judge who is dedicated to fairness and serves as an example to the community—a judge who is unwavering in objectivity and unbossed by any self-appointed, callous leaders or their bagmen."

Juris prudence: Judge Maxine brings the gavel down on patronage.
Juris prudence: Judge Maxine brings the gavel down on patronage.

Additional reporting: Amanda Ward
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