'Newsday' Inches Back Into NYC

They'll Take Queens

Nothing wrong with the Times praising a chef and farmer of dazzling dexterity, or promoting him and his wife as "the New American Gothic." But now the paper is promoting the Lutèce chef as a kind of literary Nureyev, as well. On August 16, just three days after the Norwich column ran, Mueller debuted as a Times columnist in the Wednesday food section, under the moniker "The Chef."

Before offering recipes for sautéed striped bass, tomato gratin, and basil olive oil, Mueller exhorted all "serious cooks" not to overlook cherry tomatoes—especially not the large heirloom variety available from Satur Farms this month. Nice touch! The Times doesn't seem to mind if Mueller uses its pages for blatant self-promotion. And they don't mind that he uses a literary sous-chef, who is credited in the column's byline ("written with Jack Bishop").

It's not Mueller's fault. What trendy vendor would turn down a byline in the Times? Or as the celebrity chef wrote in his first column, "When the tomatoes are at their peak, be greedy."


The July 18 Press Clips incorrectly stated that Salon had a $46 million debt. On March 31, at the end of its FY 2000, Salon did not have any debt; it had a $46 million deficit. . . .The August 22 Press Clips incorrectly stated the year when Christopher S. Wren was assigned to the drug beat at The New York Times. It was 1996, not 1976.

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