Night Crawler

Worming Your Way Through the Underground

Names to Watch

In clubland, the DJ is God, so know your creator. But you don't need to rely on superstars when locals can provide slamming beats.

Techno's currently on the DL in NYC, but these jocks from the Temple Records crew throw down Detroit and minimal techno: Silver, Khan, Plexus, DJ Dirty, Rebecca Swift, and Don Rainwater. Sonic Groove boasts three of New York's biggest techno DJs—Frankie Bones, Heather Heart, and Adam X. And watch for the return of techno parties courtesy of the Foundation Crew. D'n'b favorites include del Mar, Reid Speed, Empress, Roy Dank and Blueline, Quartz and 4 Real, Doomer, Dara, DB, and Swingsett. On the trance tip: Sandra Collins, India Drop, and Liam Kennedy. Local house heroes Chez Music's Neil Aline, Onionz, Joeski, Dominique, and Sleepyface run 'tings, and even though they are superstars now, Danny Tenaglia, Joe Clausell, and François K still rate. Keep your eyes peeled for John Selway (who plays electro, techno, house, and whatever new genre is about to be invented); Thomas of the Wicked Crew (a/k/a the Mammal), whose weird sets get you thinking as well as dancing; and Redboy, a DJ at Drinkland who splits his time between downtempo and d'n'b.

illustration: Leo Espinosa

Places to Avoid

You should avoid these places altogether unless you want to be wedged in between schmucks and schmoes: Webster Hall, Tunnel (except for Sunday's hip-hop night), Exit, and Life. Also avoid venues that offer cheap covers or free drinks for girls, or only admit guys accompanied by girls. They have a name for these types of places: meat markets.

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