Memory Lane

In Michael Feingold's review of The Man Who Came to Dinner ["Looking on the Whiteside," August 8], he stated that because of my size and booming voice I have been often mistakenly cast in Zero Mostel-type roles, and then went on to say I was better at playing the victim.

In his 1993 review of Laughter on the 23rd Floor, Feingold wrote that I "recall the glory days of Zero Mostel" and went on to say that he hoped to see me one day in Rhinoceros! Call me neurotic, but I couldn't resist. And I can't wait to see his review of The Producers! Love and kisses.

Nathan Lane

Michael Feingold replies: Since people completely replace their cells every seven years, that was a different Michael Feingold reviewing a different Nathan Lane. Anyway, it proves that even a critic can learn something in that length of time.


Due to a transcription error, Peter Noel's "The Uncle Tom Dilemma" (August 22) incorrectly reported that New York City Council member Una Clarke had "chided" Magic Johnson for not getting involved in the controversy surrounding the fatal police shooting of Amadou Diallo. The Voice regrets the error.

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