Leos Carax's Bittersweet Hereafter

Desolation Angel

Carax is a beguiling mixture of cryptic and candid, wounded and philosophical. He wishes he had made more films but doubts now he'll ever make more than "10 or 12. I've had quite a lot of problems with money and production, but the main problem is personal. After each film, I've been so disgusted with the whole movie thing that it takes time to find the desire again. I'm not only looking for a sister; I'm looking for a producer."

He hasn't ruled out the possibility of working for hire, "but that would take a lot of persuasion from a producer, and they don't have a lot of persuasion talents, not when it comes to me at least." He has been offered jobs in America, "but they were either so stupid or needed a real producer to understand who I am and how I function."

On September 12 through 14, the Film Society of Lincoln Center will screen Boy Meets Girland Mauvais Sang. I wondered how Carax now relates to those bold first flourishes, which make up half his filmography. "I've never seen one of my films again," he said. "The paradox I can never explain is, Why am I so disappointed in my films and so angry, and at the same time, why do I have this pretentious intuition that they will survive?"

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