Brooklyn Betrayal

Una Clarke Tramples on the Truth, Friends, and the Law

Velmanette Montgomery, the ex-day care activist who worked with Owens and Clarke two decades ago and is now in the state senate, was the only elected official other than Owens to back Clarke's 1991 council race. She is supporting Owens now against her other old friend. "I don't think if Major were in her position, he would ever do what she is doing," Montgomery says. "I remember Major waiting as long as he possibly could before announcing for congress in 1982 because he wanted to give Al Vann every opportunity to decide to run. He feels strongly about friends."

Una Clarke, 65 years old and ready to launch a congressional career, only "feels strongly" about herself.

Wayne Barrett worked for Major Owens from 1976 to 1978.
Research assistance: Kim Brown

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