Remembrance of Things Crass

The Fashion Magazines of September 2000

Funny thing, though—even while they were paying astronomical prices, people back then didn't object to being bitten, hard, on the very hand that was feeding designers' coffers. Ever wonder why relatively young women got all that liposuction, Botox, collagen, and other scary stuff? Here's what Patrizio Bertelli, Miucca Prada's husband and Prada CEO, told Bazaar about the loyal customers who spent fortunes on his nylon knapsacks in the early 1990s and put his company on the map. When asked how he could keep Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera from seeing Prada as their mom's label, he replied, "By not making the same mistakes as Mr. Armani. . . . If you've got a customer who is now 45 with two kids and a bigger size you throw her out and bring in a new one."

Harboring nutty fantasies of gentility
illustration: BEE
Harboring nutty fantasies of gentility

I saw one of those Prada bags for sale just the other day. It was lying on a dirty blanket outside a boarded-up bank, next to a pair of cracked crocodile high heels, a broken python suitcase, and a moth-eaten op-art-printed coat that looked like it might have been made of mink.

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