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When the tittering subsided, the MC briefed us on when to hold up our various assigned props, whom to boo or bark at (the Baroness, Rolf), and when to go "awww" (whenever Gretl does something pathetic or cute, which is often). It's camp by numbers, but hey, The Sound of Music is big this year—it figures in that upcoming Björk toe-tapper about execution—and it makes sense that something we're so ashamed to have loved should come back as a big, lederhosen-clad mockfest. The fun for me was finding all the dirty subtext in the dialogue (especially the nuns'), though the MC warned us that this was a family event and "innuendo is better than profanity." The original Liesl, Charmian Carr, applauded that sentiment vigorously, but the film's li'l Louisa, Heather Menzies—who ended up posing for Playboy in the '70s—might have been more amenable to all the licking jokes.

Finally, my hills were alive watching the MTV Video Music Awards, though the Wayanses should go awayans, Puffy seemed underwhelmed by girlfriend Jennifer Lopez's victory, and no one even recognized Bobby Brown's surprise appearance. And am I the only one who noticed that self-proclaimed victim Eminem seemed to be sitting alone a lot? And that Aaliyah came onstage holding hands with her brother and gushing to him, "You're my everything"? Girl, watch out or you're gonna marry Billy Bob Thornton!

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