Hollywood Babble On

Easy, Senators! There’s enough money for everybody.

Bush: Time Warner president Richard Parsons gave $1000 to Bush last year and $1000 this year.

Hillary: $5000 from Time Warner PAC

Gore: Horn gave $1000 to Gore/Lieberman General Election Legal and Accounting Compliance Fund.

Hatch: Horn gave $1000 to Orrin Hatch Presidential Exploratory Committee Inc. on Sept. 29, 1999.

Lazio: $5000 from Time Warner PAC

Lieberman: No. 1 recipient ($5000) from pro-Israel California PAC, one of whose largest donors ($2500) was Horn

McCain: $5000 from Time Warner PAC

Democrats $222,137 soft money from Time Warner

Republicans $128,000 soft money from Time Warner

Kids: Larry Clark's vision of a violent teenage wasteland

Michael Eisner: CEO of Disney, and boss of Harvey Weinstein, whose company, Miramax, released Kids

Bush: $1000 from Eisner on June 29, 1999

Hillary: So much money and fundraising help from Miramax and Hillary-party boy Weinstein that it can't be counted

Gore: $1000 from Eisner on Sept. 13, 1999

Hatch: $1000 from Eisner on Feb. 14, 2000

Lieberman: $500 from Eisner in 1993

Democrats $258,056 in soft money from Walt Disney Co.

Republicans $350,370 in soft money from Walt Disney Co.

Rob Zombie: The man who brought us La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Volume One and Hellbilly Deluxe

David Geffen: Head of Geffen Records, Zombie's label; DreamWorks partner with Jeffrey Katzenberg and Steven Spielberg (founder of arcade chain GameWorks)

Hillary: Geffen gave a $7000 Christmas present last year to the Democrats’ New York Senate 2000 fund.

Gore: $4950 from Geffen on Nov. 11, 1998, to Leadership '98 (formerly known as Friends of Albert Gore Jr. Inc.)

Hatch: $1000 on March 13, 1998, from Katzenberg

Lieberman: $1000 on June 16, 1993, from Katzenberg

McCain: $1000 on March 18, 1999, from Geffen

Democrats $525,000 in soft money from DreamWorks' three partners

Eminem: The singer of "Kill You" and the kind of songs that Hatch and Lieberman condemn

Edgar Bronfman Jr.: Boss of Seagram's, which owns Universal Studios, Interscope (Eminem's label); Edgar Sr. heads the World Jewish Congress

Bush: $1000 from Bronfman Jr. on July 26, 1999

Hillary: $2000 from Bronfman (either Sr. or Jr.) on Oct. 21, 1999; received an award from World Jewish Congress

Gore: $1000 from Bronfman Jr. on Nov. 5, 1999

Hatch: $4000 from Joseph E. Seagram and Sons in 1997–98, second-highest amount for a Senate candidate

Lazio: $1000 from Recording Industry Assn. of America PAC, to which Bronfman is major contributor

Lieberman: $500 from Interscope cofounder Ted Field in 1994 (Bronfman later paid $200 million for Interscope)

McCain: $2000 in 1998 from Joseph E. Seagram & Sons

Democrats $779,220 soft money from Joseph E. Seagram & Sons

Republicans $326,769 soft money from Joseph E. Seagram & Sons

Hollow Man: The grotesque sci-fi flick about a violent invisible guy

John Calley: Chief of Japanese-owned Sony Pictures Entertainment, which runs Columbia Pictures, which released Hollow Man

Bush: $500 from Sony senior music executive Frank Calamita

Hillary: $1000 from Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.

Hatch: $1000 from Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.

Lazio: $1000 from Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.

McCain: $1000 from Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. in '97–'98

Republicans Sony Music Entertainment Inc. gave $107,880 in soft money to 1999 Republican Senate/House Dinner Committee.

Fatal Attraction: Dem pal Michael Douglas gave McCain $1000 last Feb. 17.

Sumner Redstone: CEO of Viacom, which owns CBS, Blockbuster, Westinghouse, 1400 movie theaters, and Paramount, distributor of Fatal Attraction

Bush: $1000 last March from the wife of Paramount Pictures chief Kerry McCluggage

Gore: $2000 from Redstone in '99

Hatch: $1000 from Redstone in '98

McCain: $3000 from Redstone in '98-'99

Democrats $25,500 from CBS in '99–'00

Republicans $3000 soft money from Viacom in '99–'00, $39,205 from CBS

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