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The week's ultimate novelty act was Weng Weng, a Filipino dwarf who starred in a vintage spy spoof called For Your Height Only, revived at an esoteric screening hosted by Papercritic Dennis Dermody. The movie's pretty cute in itself—it's beyond Caged—but for extra yuks it was smirkily dubbed by folks who must have seen Woody Allen's What's Up, Tiger Lily? In one typical moment, when a photographer shoots a corpse at a crime scene, a character says, "I wonder if she does weddings and bar mitzvahs." Meanwhile, little Weng Weng creates his own photo ops by kicking so much ass you could set him loose at Crunch without a script.

In the audience was Julianne Moore, who'd just wrapped Hannibal, but was actually more terrified by her recent Upper West Side experience. "I felt like I was living in Scarsdale," Julianne told me, quaking. She's moved downtown, where the suburbia has more of an edge to it. Finally, my weng weng perked up even more at the Va Va Voom Room, a burlesque show at Fez hosted by Miss Astrid, a snarling diva in an eye patch, a pink boa, and a German accent—very Ute Lemper meets Marni Rosenthal. The marvelously decadent revue trotted out magic, a depressed clown, a balloon dance, and Scotty the Blue Bunny, a guy in a sequined bunny suit who—after rollicking through "On a Wonderful Day Like Today"—said he was dressed that way "because I wanted to be the queerest looking thing on earth." I approved—and besides, who am I to, you know, judge?


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