Toss Me the Crown, Sweetie

Historical Raunch and Surreal Dreams

Later, the human beings reappear in sleek, fashionable black, and the environment turns on them, sucking them through holes in a silken sea. One of the women is attacked by pieces of a gigantic brain. Stowing away in a dreaming human has its perils.

Lost in the cerebellum: Compagnie Philippe Genty
photo: Philippe Genty
Lost in the cerebellum: Compagnie Philippe Genty

Sometimes things get a bit too illogical. The man in the hat, blindfolded, can't find the others for what seems like an improbably long time, especially since they're prone to creeping up and holding a lit match to his groping hand. Sometimes you can see the gearing up for a transformation a little too obviously. You come away with memories of vivid moments rather than a meaningful whole. Yet those moments, and the atmosphere itself, are magic.

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