Metros and Soccer Look to Advance

Status Report

With seven minutes left and Chicago looking like it was going to equalize, the Metros struck back on the counterattack. On a play that spanned 70 yards, Valencia, big, tanklike, and utterly deserving of his nickname, "El Tren," took a fine return pass from Mathis just outside the area and slotted it home, sealing the Metros' victory.

I love New York: Clint Mathis.
photo: Pete Kuhns
I love New York: Clint Mathis.

So what is the current State of Soccer, if not in America, then at least in New York? Hard to say, but this much is true: The Times actually ran two stories, with two pictures, on Saturday's game. Never heard of that happening before. And what's more, if the Metros win Friday, it's a sure bet you'll find a lot of New York fans on the 6 a.m. train to Washington on October 15. They'll march, singing and chanting, from Union Station to RFK Stadium for a championship game that, if played up to the level of the Metros' recent matches, will be worthy of the title, Cup Final. And you can be sure that the State of Soccer in America, at least on that day, will be just fine.

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