The Last Temptation of Minister Benjamin

Inside the Sex Scandal at Nation of Islam Mosque No. 7

Minister Benjamin allegedly persisted "with his stalking, sexual harassment and abusive behavior," according to the lawsuit. In July of last year, he summoned Williams to Mosque No. 7. "As soon as [she] walked into the office, [Minister Benjamin] shut the door, grabbed her by the arms and pulled her towards him and kissed her on the mouth," Williams alleges in her suit. "[She] pulled away and saw that [Minister Benjamin] had an erection, and was rubbing his penis."

"Who do you think I am?" Williams protested. "Monica Lewinsky?" But even that jolting reference to the White House sex scandal, which led to the impeachment of President Clinton, did not deter Minister Benjamin. He allegedly grabbed Williams by her waist, pulled her toward him, and said, "You should have worn a dress."

"My God, Minister Ben, this is the house of the Lord!" Williams remembers telling her unabashed suitor. But Minister Benjamin just "smiled" at the MGT: He allegedly told her she would be "surprised [to find out] what goes on in the mosque." Sickened by the remark, Williams tells Minister Farrakhan: "I wanted to vomit."

illustration: Max Grafe

Additional reporting by Amanda Ward

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