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In France, they love the idea of the 50-plus woman—played by Baye—sleeping around and nailing hot young himbos, but I told the Venus gang this happens in Hollywood movies about as often as gay characters get the sex they want. "It's a pity!" said Baye. "America is puritanical." "It's different in France," chimed in Marshall. "I never think I am 48 years old. I think I am still a girl." I'm going to have to move to Paris, honey, because so do I!

A more literary salon—and one with its own ideas of beauty—the House of Xavier's nearly four-hour Glam Slam poetry ball at Nuyorican Poets Cafe was riveting in an extremely nonpuritanical way. I enjoyed judging the thing, even when the contestants who urged us to spread peace and love then launched into poems like "Pack up your shit and get the hell out of my house, you mangy motherfucker!" There were two especially dramatic moments that made my ass blush—a featured performer fainted and was carried out for food and air (this starving artist ultimately came back to recite, "I stuck a finger in my cooch . . . "), and later, a woman who'd done a poem that went "My pussy has a name . . . " started demanding that anyone taping her performance had better not show it on TV. "I don't want to be on a subway and have some asshole say, 'What's your pussy's name?' " she warned. I have no such problem—my pussy carries photo ID.

Meanwhile, Brian Belovitch considers himself lucky that his pussy's still in the mail. Brian, a longtime friend of mine, spent the '80s as Tish, but didn't cut his member off, allowing his eventual and grateful return to Brian. It's all there in his eye-opening one-man (yes, man) show Boys Don't Wear Lipstick, and theater queens can rejoice.

Salon selectives: Venus Beauty Institute's Nathalie Baye, Tonie Marshall, and Audrey Tautou at Privé
photo: Brian Finke
Salon selectives: Venus Beauty Institute's Nathalie Baye, Tonie Marshall, and Audrey Tautou at Privé

Finally, a very real-looking picture of Danny from The Real World is being circulated on the Internet, with the gay icon lying naked and extremely aroused. Not only wasn't his member cut off, it's positively transcendent. Danny's publicist insists the photo is a fake, which is too bad for Danny.


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