Plunging Toward Apocalypse

Medals, Please, for All These Dancers

Part II is more severe. The same patterns predominate, but the dancers wear tiny black trunks and skimpy turtlenecks, and two metal discs by Anish Kapoor hang above them, reflecting Ken Tabachnik's lights. The score by UNKLE belts out a strong backbeat. Now the valiant performers bend their elbows and punch the air, yet still recall Part I's plunging slipperiness and the Prelude's nuzzlings and meltdowns. It ends enigmatically: One man and one woman stand like Adam and Eve discovering shame. Throughout the piece, Petronio's use of space is complex and thrilling. Small events develop magically within or behind larger ones. However, his typically remorseless pace leaves no room for dynamic variation, for the dancers to grain the movement, for us to breathe.

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