Ceeeeeeel-e-bra-tion Time, Come On!

There's a Party Going On Right Here

The Ninth Commandment: Take it to the People. Encouraged by the flacks from Major League Baseball who barred television cameras from the locker room, players took the celebration al fresco, where they tossed caps and shirts to the assembled Yankee faithful. One of the first revelers to make an escape, Roger Clemens, carried the Commissioners Trophy down the tunnel. "Don't drop it," laughed a Yankee official. Or throw it, thought every Met fan within a 100-mile radius.

The Tenth Commandment: Know where your bread is buttered. While the wetness and wildness continued in the clubhouse, George Steinbrenner held court at the hastily constructed podium near the Fox cameras. After Keith Olbermann was done glad-handing the First Yankee, the print guys got their chance. "How long can it go on?" asked one reporter. "Forever," beamed King George, his silvery coif still as dry as a bone.

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