Shaving lets me stare intently at my pussy for quite a while, fussing over every inch of it. Last year, during a one-on-one masturbation coaching session, Betty Dodson commended me on my grooming job. She told me that women who style their pubes often have a better relationship with their pussies as a result of preening them on a regular basis. I was glad to discover that my razor ritual was considered healthy by someone with a Ph.D.!

After I shave it, I feel so much more connected with my pussy. For one thing, every time I pull down my panties, there she is. Not hidden by a bush, but right out in the open for me to see. I absolutely feel sexier too; once all the hair comes off, I can see every inch and every fold. Left unprotected, I become hyperaware of what's between my legs when I walk, sit down, or make any kind of move. My sensitivity also skyrockets: A tongue, a touch, or a vibrator feels 10 times more intense. I can't decide which I like better: sliding my tongue against a freshly shaved cunt or having someone's mouth on mine. Must I choose?

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