Law and Favors in the Bronx

Secret Tapes Catch Pols Speaking Their Minds

Espada: No. I wouldn't feel comfortable [inaudible]. Engel did well.

Ramirez: [Inaudible]. Everything is going well. Seabrook isn't running.

Espada: He's not? Nobody [inaudible] they won't take him seriously.

Ramirez: It's a good decision. He can't win . . . [inaudible] . . . [City Council member Larry Warden] wasn't going to win, either. I got your message . . . [inaudible]. Let's sit here. . . . I'm getting old.

Espada: Yeah [inaudible]. This is good.

Ramirez: You mind if I smoke?

Espada: [Inaudible] I was at the Yankee game.

Ramirez: You look composed [inaudible].

Espada: I'm very pissed. Johnson's harassing my goddaughter [inaudible] that's fucked up [inaudible] worst than fucking [ex-special prosecutor Ken] Starr [inaudible].

Ramirez: I was told everything was OK [inaudible]. The only condition was your withdrawal. Freddy knew it [inaudible] Johnson was told. Senator, the powers that be are on board.

Espada: Listen [inaudible]. They said don't trust you. I told my people based on what you said [inaudible]. I told them you said it was a big waste of time and money. Have you [inaudible]. You've been fucking with me.

Ramirez: No. No. I've spoken to the powers that be. Maybe they're fucking me too [inaudible]. If I can't get support, I'll retire too.

Espada: [Inaudible] I'm running.

Ramirez: No [inaudible]. That's not good.

Espada: I'm running and my brother is running.

Ramirez: With an indictment [inaudible].

Espada: With 10 indictments. We're running.

Ramirez: Don't make any final decisions on [inaudible]. I'm going to see my guy at Yankee Stadium tomorrow. He'll tell me [inaudible]. I'll find out.

Espada: What guy, Roberto? It's late [inaudible].

Ramirez: The intermediary [inaudible]. I've got a license, man [inaudible]. I worked hard for it, I've got to be careful [inaudible]. If I can't turn it around, the fight will be clean [inaudible]. They'll [sic] be no dirt about the indictment [inaudible]. You've been a gentleman [inaudible]. This is bad for business.

Espada: Roberto [inaudible]. Have a good meeting tomorrow.

Ramirez: We still may be able to get lucky.

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