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Fox News Wears Veil of Neutrality

"Every news journalist has a bias," counters a Fox spokesperson. "The trick is not to allow that bias to creep into what's being presented on the screen."

To protect his biased empire, Murdoch has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars wooing influential members of Congress, including Louisiana Republican Billy Tauzin, who is chairman of the House subcommittee on communications. Some people were surprised last week when Tauzin, a champion of deregulation, began calling for an investigation of election coverage. But Tauzin has cleverly turned the charge against Fox on its head, accusing the other networks of showing a liberal bias when they called Florida for Al Gore.

Contemplating the state of news today, ex-Fox reporter Brian Karem doesn't pretend to be objective. "Look under a rock," he says, "and you will see the satanic face of Rupert Murdoch grinning like a Cheshire cat. Murdoch doesn't know what ethical journalism is. He's been single-handedly responsible for the lowering of standards and the obscuring of news and entertainment on TV. Murdoch doesn't know the strong, rich traditions of a free press in this country. He is anathema to the democratic process. I look forward to the day his corporate empire is broken up and sold on the auction block like so many used cars."

Next week: A closer look at Karem and a team of investigative journalists who feel that Fox edited their stories in a biased fashion. Fox vigorously denies their allegations.

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