Organization Man

Listening to Dorfman, Whose Dream Came True

"I had this incredible fantasy life when I was a kid, when I was Mr. Scholar-Athlete. I find the relationship between what lies beneath and what's on the surface endlessly fascinating. That's what this evening is about. I'm interested in looking at the kinds of rules we construct as adults, which are a continuum from the way we learned them as kids. The role that I play in Subverseis semidevilish, semiactivator and support. I'm a benevolent devil, but there are parallels between the way I see myself in this company and in the world. It's not coincidental that I'm so much on the outside of To Lie Tenderly, grappling with where I should be. Dancing onstage? Playing music in the beautiful arches of the Harvey? Sitting in the audience? Or in the wings, rooting on the wonderful company?"

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