The Emancipation Proclamations

Dream catchers: Bardem and Depp in Before Night Falls
photo: Courtesy of Fine Line
Dream catchers: Bardem and Depp in Before Night Falls


Before Night Falls
Directed by Julian Schnabel
Written by Cunningham OKeefe, Lazaro Gomez Carriles, and Schnabel
A Fine Line release
Opens December 22

Directed by Giuseppe Tornatore
Written by Tornatore and Luciano Vincenzoni
A Miramax release
Opens December 22

But Forever in My Mind
Written and directed by Gabriele Muccino
Film Forum
Through January 2

Nowhere to Hide
Written and directed by Lee Myung-Se
A Lions Gate release
Opens December 22

Korean director Lee Myung-Se's genre-despoiling policier Nowhere to Hide opens with a smear of boldly abstracted slapstick violence, segues into a confidently ridiculous assassination sequence scored to the Bee Gees' "Holiday," then catapults itself into a mockingly inconsequential nonnarrative in which brawls morph abruptly into shadow plays or waltzes or oil paintings. Lee's trickery is dazzling in flashes but also monotonously strenuous—the derangement factor is high but there's little evidence of authentic lunacy.

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