Negative Space

Flashback: The Year in Movies

  • "Better than Age of Innocence. Not as good as Merchant Ivory." —a patron providing Sony Pictures Classics with ad copy following the New York Film Festival press screening of The House of Mirth

  • "Wait, there's subtitles?" —heard three times on line for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon at Lincoln Plaza

  • "Please be aware that Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is in Mandarin Chinese with subtitles" —ticket-counter sign at the Loews E-Walk

  • "That's like crying at a porn movie." —a patron gently chiding his girlfriend for getting misty at Crouching Tiger

  • "I hate these movies with, like, literary references that make you feel stupid." —a patron presciently explaining Wonder Boys' lack of popular appeal to her boyfriend, halfway through an opening-night screening at the Loews East Village

  • "That scene, with the party, it went on for so long, I mean, back in the '70s, did they think that was cool back then to have parties like that?" —a confused audience member after BAM's Cold Water screening, to presenter Kent Jones, who calmly replied, "People have been having parties for thousands of years."

  • "That was the worst movie I've ever seen! And it's based on a book—can you imagine? Now I'll never have to read it!" —a journalist divesting herself of Herman Melville after a press screening of Pola X

  • "He already made this movie, and I don't know, at least that one was the first one, and in this one the ending is even more despicable. You're crying, well that's fine, I'm going to vomit and throw stuff at the screen. What was the point? The point was to pile on a lot of crap, and he's just a fucking sadist." —a patron evaluating Lars von Trier and Dancer in the Dark

  • "It made me want to pee." —Tom Hanks, in the men's room after the premiere of Cast Away
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