Looking for the Grinch Who Stole Christmas?

Try These Internet Crime Sites

The Yahoo of lawlessness, Crime Spider (www.crimespider.com) covers everything from forensics and international law enforcement agencies to domestic abuse and mass murderers. In a similar vein, Crime/Punishment at About.com (crime.about.com) corrals original articles and Net resources, including breaking news. It earns special kudos for its constant updating of crucial cases, such as the trial of ex-SLA member Sara Jane Olson.

Lest we forget, crime isn't committed only by violent individuals and gangs. For government crimes against citizens, Amnesty International (www.amnesty.org) can't be beat. Corporate Watch (www.corpwatch.org) and Infact (www.infact.org) keep an eye on crimes and other abuses committed by big corporations. Some of the worst lawbreakers are the generally nonviolent people in suits; with its information on white-collar crime, the Fraud Defense Network (www.frauddefense.com) has the dirty goods on everyone from prescription forgers and insurance scammers to tax evaders.

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