Winter Solstice Tributes

Free Speech for Everyone

Karen Cook and the Voice fact checkers
My editor at the Voice, Karen Cook, has saved me from bad syntax, blurred meanings, and just plain errors. She is invaluable. I worked with the legendary fact checkers at The New Yorker for more than a quarter of a century, but the crew at the Voice can be just as vigorous and rigorous. They have given me a great deal of trouble, and I have retaliated. The intramural battles will go on, but I fully recognize their worth. Thanks also to Tricia Romano, who deciphers my heavily scrawled manuscripts each week.

Steve Bright: defeating the executioners
photo: Courtesy of SCHR
Steve Bright: defeating the executioners

And finally, of course, I am grateful for the comments, however sulfurous, from you, the readers. Otherwise, how would I know I'm being read?

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