The Memory of All That

Dendy Serves Rum and Cock at the 'Altogether Different Festival'

True to the spirit of the festival, each of the three companies opening next week wants audiences to take something different away. Says Navas of Perfume de Gardenias, "I want people to leave the theater with a different understanding of themselves as desired objects or as humans who have desires." In Poor Reality, Lerner asks viewers to look "at the brutality we inflict upon ourselves, how it becomes painful to accept ourselves." Dendy says of his work, "It's just a piece that's slick, that moves, that doesn't sacrifice my homosexual conversion values." With his characteristic diabolical grin, he adds, "There's a list of all the boys I want to convert, Jerry Falwell, so you'd better try to find it before I get to the next one."

"Altogether Different Festival 2001" includes the work of seven troupes in rotation over a three-week period. For complete schedule information, see the dance listings in next week's Choices section, call 212-242-0800, or visit

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