Is the Supreme Court Disgraced?

A Judicial Coup d'État?

"A review of voting rolls by the Miami Herald reveals that more than 5000 felons, over 75 percent of whom were registered as Democrats, apparently voted." And the December 24 Miami Herald reported that "scores of dead people and nonregistered individuals were allowed to vote . . . in [a] heavily Democratic county."

Next week: An account of why it will not be the credibility of the Supreme Court that will have been eroded by the decision in Bush v. Gore. Instead, the partisanship of many of those attacking the court's ruling—particularly law professors—will be rightly questioned. What will come out of this? As Al Sharpton, a critic of the decision, nonetheless said on Channel 1-TV on December 19: "Even as the Supreme Court said, one standard [of voting] must be established."

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