Schmooze or Play Hardball?

New D.C. Gang Poses Media Dilemma

The skirmishing over Ashcroft didn't bode well for the honeymoon—see how quickly the media began comparing him to "bad" AGs John Mitchell and Ed Meese and invoking the failed nominations of John Tower and Robert Bork. Then the Bushies got the finger from Bill Clinton, who took advantage of the winter recess on Capitol Hill to appoint the first black judge to the Fourth Circuit, one of the most conservative courts in the country. A few more weeks as the floozy at this wedding, and Ashcroft could be toast. After all, he was one of the first senators to call for Clinton's resignation. And if Clinton and the media team up, payback will be a bitch.


In a recent column on Sean Dix, the inventor who threatened to kill Ted Turner, I suggested that Dix had not told his story to the press. In fact he was the subject of a feature by Rebecca Segall that was posted on Salon on August 31, 2000. I was unaware of the piece and regret the omission.

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