The Winners

RUNNERS-UP: Sometimes, even in the world of sports, people get what's coming to them. CATHY FREEMAN, Olympic torchbearer, racial pioneer, national symbol, crosses the line and seizes the reflected love of a nation. BOBBY KNIGHT crosses the line in a different way, and, just like that, his chair-throwing days are over.


CLEMENS VS. PIAZZA II: It was one of the strangest moments in World Series history. One future Hall of Famer shatters his bat fouling off a fastball. The other Hall of Famer picks up a chunk of the bat and throws it at, or, um, toward Hall of Famer number one. Benches clear, but only general weirdness breaks out. Piazza survives his second go as a target for Clemens, but fails to fight back. Advantage: Yankees.

RUNNERS-UP: Is it live or is it Memorex? They called it plausibly live coverage, but thanks to an 18-hour time difference, combined with the instant access made possible by the Internet, NBC'S OLYMPIC TELECASTS had all the drama of a Survivor rerun. And speaking of things that shouldn't be taped, let's not forget that Tiger Woods became the world's richest strikebreaker when he CROSSED THE SCREEN ACTORS GUILD PICKET LINE to film a car commercial for the very same Olympics. Shame on you.

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