The Winners

RUNNERS-UP: Sometimes, even in the world of sports, people get what's coming to them. CATHY FREEMAN, Olympic torchbearer, racial pioneer, national symbol, crosses the line and seizes the reflected love of a nation. BOBBY KNIGHT crosses the line in a different way, and, just like that, his chair-throwing days are over.


CLEMENS VS. PIAZZA II: It was one of the strangest moments in World Series history. One future Hall of Famer shatters his bat fouling off a fastball. The other Hall of Famer picks up a chunk of the bat and throws it at, or, um, toward Hall of Famer number one. Benches clear, but only general weirdness breaks out. Piazza survives his second go as a target for Clemens, but fails to fight back. Advantage: Yankees.

RUNNERS-UP: Is it live or is it Memorex? They called it plausibly live coverage, but thanks to an 18-hour time difference, combined with the instant access made possible by the Internet, NBC'S OLYMPIC TELECASTS had all the drama of a Survivorrerun. And speaking of things that shouldn't be taped, let's not forget that Tiger Woods became the world's richest strikebreaker when he CROSSED THE SCREEN ACTORS GUILD PICKET LINE to film a car commercial for the very same Olympics. Shame on you.

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