Bruce Eder

Missed The Boat

I read with considerable interest your sportswriters' poll ["Moments of Glory," January 9]. Even allowing for a certain amount of bias from those of us who reside on the eastern side of the Atlantic Ocean, it seems quite remarkable that British rower Steven Redgrave's achievement in winning his fifth Olympic gold medal should warrant not a single vote in either your "Male Sports Figure of 2000" or "Best Sports Moment of 2000" categories. Since no one has ever come close to this sort of achievement in an endurance sport before, it seems surprising that your writers have ignored it. And bizarre as well, since Britain's Jonathon Edwards received two votes for winning gold in the triple jump—a fine achievement, certainly, but scarcely comparable to Redgrave's.

Alex Massie
Edinburgh, Scotland


Due to an editing error, guitarist Ed O'Brien was misidentified as the bassist for Radiohead in Mary Gaitskill's article "See Me, Feel Me" (January 2). Radiohead's bassist is Colin Greenwood.

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