My Tantra Mantra

Since the workshop, I have read Sexual Energy Ecstasy and Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving, watched Tantric Journey to Female Orgasm (, and surfed over to Each writer and practitioner has a different take on tantra, but there are shared themes. The concept that sex is a significant, powerful force is what appeals to me most. Western culture denigrates sexuality and relegates it to the margins of our lives. Family, relationships, career, and spirituality are prioritized, and sex is seen as an added bonus to the important things in life. When the power of sex is acknowledged, it's used by the advertising industry or Hollywood, but only as a means to sell more stuff. The idea that sex could be channeled to transform your life is what tantra is all about. But the funny thing about tantra is that there is no one-two-three how-to guide. It's not as much about learning techniques or skills as it is about reorienting your beliefs and ideas about sex.

Yes, I am just beginning to figure it all out, but watch out—I'm definitely getting tantric on your ass.

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