Three and Out

Women's Football Gets Crowded

Both new leagues could be bolstered by adding the WPFL's New York Sharks, who've garnered positive and lengthy coverage in the local dailies and even a bit of national attention with a spot on Live! With Regis. Douglas says she'd be happy to keep her team in the WPFL if the league resolves its freshman woes. "It's the only league that's up and operating at this point. If things are presented well, I'll certainly stay with them. But that doesn't preclude me from listening to others."

It's hard not to hear Masters, something of a PR whiz. She's landed her league positive mentions in Sports Illustrated, The New York Times Magazine (with a sumptuous photo spread), and elsewhere, even though they've yet to play a regular-season game and even though several of the franchises she initially said were firmly on board—Baltimore, Alexandria, and Pensacola, among others—haven't actually handed over money yet.

Jaws of Life: Sharks owner/QB Andra Douglas.
photo: Cary Conover
Jaws of Life: Sharks owner/QB Andra Douglas.

All that, says Masters, will change in the next few weeks, as will the league's financial backing; right now, the NWFL doesn't have any major sponsors. "We're actually working on several big ones," Masters says. "I'm not at liberty to tell you." But, she continues, adding to her relentlessly enthusiastic, continuously vague pitch, "one of them's really cool."

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