Identities on the Move

What’s Gone Came Back to the Joyce and Town Hall

In Nadaswaram, to world-music fusion by Talvin Singh, Armitage ventures into fusion of her own: ballet, Bharata Natyam, and hip-hop. It's both beguiling and disconcerting: Jack Cole plays hopscotch with Balanchine. Forget Rave, the pièce d'occasion, with its dancers painted in rainbow hues and disguised as inscrutable personas.

Who is "she"? Members of ChameckiLerner in Poor Reality
photo: Cary Conover
Who is "she"? Members of ChameckiLerner in Poor Reality

Armitage uses the arsenal of ballet steps impressively and with imagination. But even in pieces performed in their entirety, I don't get a meaningful sense of a whole, only of cleverly assembled parts, and the evening's striking images remain strangely cool.

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