NY Mirror

The mix makes for one of the few surprising things left in New York, and despite the "Hey, big spender!" quality of the place, there's a real kooky sweetness there and an alluring sense that nothing's quite what it seems. Most fascinatingly, the downstairs level is all mirrored, so a lot of the trannies spend the night immersed in the reflection of their hormonal breasts. I do the same thing—look at their breasts, that is. (Mine are in the mail.) It's 'ho town!

But the biggest 'ho has to be Elton John, who, despite all his wonderful visibility and his work for the Matthew Shepard Foundation, made excuses for Eminem's biases in a gushy article last year and now, according to a report, might even perform with the angry superstar at the Grammys. Elton's validation of Eminem sells us all down the river, allowing the homophobic rapper to get the last laugh by gloating, "Fuck, even the fags like me!" The Grammys certainly like him, and I have a problem with that, too. Eminem is undeniably charismatic and clever, but that only makes his hate messages that much more seductive, and, crazy me, I think the lyrics should be assessed as part of the overall package. If Hitler had put out a really danceable record called "Death to Jews," I wouldn't have handed it that many awards, would you? But let's nominate O-Town—pleeease.


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