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Wizards of oslo the euroboys
photo: Man’s Ruin Records
Wizards of oslo the euroboys


Caspar BrŲtzmann
Mute Massaker
Thirsty Ear
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Mason Jones
Midnight in the Twilight Factory

Long Dayís Flight íTill Tomorrow
Manís Ruin

For the less sophisticated, those who still think music should be about songs—that's so 1968!—I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is good luck fucking a Knitting Factory type. The good news is that Oslo, Norway's Euroboys—led by guitarist Euroboy, formerly of daddy-pervs Turbonegro— have a sharper sense of band and song. The tunes on the quintet's A Long Day's Flight 'Till Tomorrow are as close to pop as atmospheric, mostly instrumental psychedelia can get, and each track is orchestrated for a rock band. The arrangements are lush and golden, filigreed with "oral effects" (must be a holdover from the Turbonegro days), Farfisa organ, congas, bongos, vibraphone, a bunch of glockenspiel-like instruments I didn't know existed and can't pronounce, and horns. A soundtrack designed for late nights walking on the moon. A liftoff feeling, antigravity groove music. In "Down the Road of Golden Dust," the funk doesn't worry about being "on the one," the guitars are liquid and the drum and bass interplay slippery, and the beat sweeps you off your feet. The opener, "Deliverance," is equally subtle. The song unfolds gently, and getting into it is like getting used to warm water; you dip your feet in, and before you know it, you're up to your neck. A road-worn harmonica melody becomes a trusty friend. The bass and drums stick to hypnotic riffing. You transcend all your notions of indulgence and pretentiousness. Somehow, as the spittle oozes down your chin, eight minutes of elegant monotony doesn't seem all that bad.

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