Trillions for Troglodytes
Lexus Nexus The Bush White House says the president's $1.6 trillion 10-year tax cut will mean a $1600 break for a family of four. Critics calculate the actual benefits at anything from nothing for low- and working-income people to $227 for some in the middle class. By the way, the real cost is a staggering $2.1 trillion. Best alternative to Bush's giveaway to the rich is the 50-member Congressional Progressive Caucus's plan called "American People's Dividend," which offers $300 for every man, woman, and child. A married couple with three children would get $1500. "Unlike the Bush proposal, which reserves 40 percent of the tax benefits for the wealthiest 1 percent of the population, our proposal gives the wealthiest 1 percent exactly 1 percent of the tax relief," according to the Caucus.
Classless Comments "I think we've demonstrated as a people that we don't think some form of socialism is the way to run a society," Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill declared last week. "I think it’s really corrosive to have this argument about the rich and the poor." And why should he worry? O'Neill received $59 million in salary and perks last year, reports The Washington Post. Additional reporting: Rouven Gueissaz and Adam Gray

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