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In other good news about girl talk, Times diva Ilene Rosenzweig and designer Cynthia Rowley have sold their Swell book to Imagine Entertainment for sitcom treatment. "We envision it as Laverne & Shirley, but with better clothes," Rowley told me last week, "with a touch of Playboy After Dark and That Girl. Or These Girls." Or These Young Broads? And here's some gossip for the guys: That very out (of his mind) gay, Elton John, might not realize that his new best friend, Eminem, sings a song mocking the death of his last best friend, designer Gianni Versace. Hey, Elton—can you feel the shame tonight? Nymphos!

Finally, I'm out and proud about my Oscar nomination predictions, having been 80 percent right, but I totally fucked up on Chocolat, a sunny but not exactly transcendent movie that had all the columnists beating the tom-toms for Miramax in what I'd considered misguided zealotry. In fact, I'd prepared a pointed little screed about how the shilling for this flick was absolutely shameless, but then it impressively nabbed a Best Picture nomination and four other nods! Did this triumph of the will happen partly because the columnists went to bat so dutifully for the movie, or were the scribes simply reflecting the fact that Chocolat is truly an Oscar-caliber piece of work? We'll never know, but the next time I ask for a raise, I definitely want Harvey Weinstein to mount the campaign—and, naturally, Mercedes-Benz to sponsor it.

"We don't like reading about ourselves": Paris (left) and Nikki Hilton flank Patricia Field.
photo: Patrick McMullan
"We don't like reading about ourselves": Paris (left) and Nikki Hilton flank Patricia Field.

Web Bonus Item: Who is that unidentified person who's claimed to the press that he's Tom Cruise's close confidante? I know for a fact he's a singer/wrestler/porn star named Kyle. Frisky Business!

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