The Latest Ways Big Brother’s Watching You

New Scientist magazine recently provided confirmation of another Big Brother technology—"X-ray vision spray." Just spritz some on an envelope, and you can read what's inside. Fifteen minutes later, the James Bond-ian gunk has dried, leaving no trace of tampering. The company that developed it assures us that it will only sell "See-Through" to law enforcement agencies, as if that were a comforting thought.

And this is only the beginning. Author Redden lists a stream of devices with disturbing powers. Heat-detecting devices look through walls for marijuana grow-lights. The Federal Intrusion Detection Network, now in development, will search the Web for criminal activity. "And let's not forget Digital Angel," he says, "the patented microchip that can be placed under the skin and traced by GPS satellites—even after you're dead."

Remember, these are just the tools that have been reported. "The FBI had been using Carnivore for over a year before the press stumbled onto it," Redden says, referring to the government system that can secretly scan and store all e-mail sent or received by a person being targeted. "A year is many lifetimes in today's technology market. We're probably already being watched by the 10th-generation Carnivore and don't have a clue."

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