Sue Russell
Los Angeles, California

'X' Static

If Richard Elovich and Daniel Wolfe ["Who Owns Ecstasy?" February 13] are going to make a point, they should refer to the correct source. It was not 48 Hours that included a scene with a mother and her daughter looking at an "almost moth-eaten" image of a brain. This story was told by MTV's True Life: I'm on Ecstasy, for which I was the coproducer. Our show agrees that, while taking Ecstasy is risky, there is a lack of honest and non-proselytizing information about the drug. But please don't pull a scene out of context to prove your point.

Lucia Engstrom


Because Johnny Cash's American III: Solitary Man was inadvertently listed under two titles in the 27th or 28th Pazz & Jop Critics' Poll, it should have received 263 votes and 27 mentions rather 207 and 21, and finished 37th instead of 50th.


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