Sacrificial Lamb

Orthodox Rabbi Yitzchak Fried Could Do Hard Time for Medical Marijuana

He quoted Scripture to describe how his approach to the "drug war" differs from that of the law-and-order set. "For every soul there are two wings on which to soar through its journey in the world: love and awe," he said. "The fear they're using is a one-wing job. They're not supplementing that by redirecting people, giving answers to people who go for drugs as a way to help. People need relief for their suffering.

"They use fear. That doesn't work with kids who are drawn to the other side. They use fear at the expense of the love side."

On April 12, Judge Lott will determine whether Fried goes to jail or receives probation.

photo: Marc Asnin

"We're taking what the judge said very seriously," Kresky says. "Borough Park is one of the most conservative parts of New York. But to me the rabbi's work is very much in the Jewish tradition of doing good, of helping people less fortunate than you."

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