Who Let the Dogg Out?

Such cryptic verse is all Snoop dares release commercially. His harshest anti-Suge statement remains the unreleased track "Death Row Is Bitches," which first surfaced last year on bootlegs and is now available via Napster. "Suge Knight," he drawls, "your company's gonna fall." Though its sentiment is fierce, its execution is not, and Snoop's syrup never threatens, though it does edge into well-deserved arrogance: "All that money I made ya/You're major/I made ya, nigga/Now I'm 'bout to fade ya." Incendiary for sure, but not nearly as virulent as the jabs thrown at Snoop by Suge's camp. He's skewered mercilessly by a slew of Death Row C-listers on the recent label comp Too Gangsta for Radio. Death Row allegedly purchased seats at several Up in Smoke tour dates last year only to taunt Snoop from the audience. And at the end of the Death Row Uncut home video, a voice provides directions to Snoop's house, just in case any amped-up label acolyte has time, and ammo, to kill.


Snoop Dogg
Tha Last Meal
No Limit/Priority

Snoop Dogg
Dead Man Walkin
Death Row

By now, Snoop may well be that most reviled thing in hip-hop—a studio gangster—but unlike any other rapper of his generation, he's had his survival jeopardized by the very people who ushered him to his success. "This is the last time these motherfuckers are gonna eat off me," he boasted to one magazine recently. But with his Death Row obligations coming to an end, is he worth more alive or dead?

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