Who Will Succeed Jesse Jackson?

'We Are Not a Monolithic People'

The abundantly detailed story has names and dates, but, as of this writing, has not been picked up by The New York Times. (Is the Times afraid of being called racist?) Additional details were on Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor, on February 1. Bill O'Reilly's program also provides a transcript on request.

In New York, Peter Noel has covered some aspects here, but the reporter who has been consistently on the case is the New York Post's Rod Dreher ("How Jesse's PUSH Is Pulling In $$$" on February 4, and most tellingly, "Does IRS Let Jesse's Group Violate Tax Law?" on February 7). Again, as of this writing, the Times has been silent. And The Wall Street Journal's reporters have so far missed much of the story.

Clarence Page: "We have no shortage of black leaders."
photo courtesy of the Chicago Tribune
Clarence Page: "We have no shortage of black leaders."

Anyway, while Jackson still receives adulation at public gatherings, his time is running out. Next: Jackson is not leaving a vacuum.

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