Bahija Réghaï
Ottawa, Canada


For your information, Israel's favorite game is not crippling a generation of Palestinians. The Village Voice truly sounds like the Palestinian propaganda machine.

Aela Rife


Thanks for the article on Israel's arbitrary and lethal use of force against Palestinians who are tired of living under occupation. There is no excuse for the IDF to employ ammunition that can permanently injure children and young adults. I think that I would feel safer protesting against the NYPD. The world remains appalled at what occurred in the concentration camps of WW II. Why isn't anyone appalled about what Palestinians have suffered since 1948?

Rebecca Brown
Washington, D.C.


I can't seem to grasp why the authors of this article are surprised that there are casualties in war. The actions of the Palestinians are not those of civil disobedience. The Palestinians rejected the most generous offerings for cohabitation in this region that have ever been proposed. Instead, they continue on their quest to eliminate the nation of Israel and its people. This is war, declared on Israel by the Arab nation-states, and the Palestinians are merely the vanguard and political shield. Given that context, the Israelis have shown remarkable restraint and discipline in this war.

Kevin Thex
Austin, Texas


In the 1980s I wrote about the West Bank and Israel for the Voice. I visited hospitals during the first intifada, where I saw the tragic consequences of Israeli fire and what is now called "excessive force." As reported by Lamis Andoni and Sandy Tolan, the terrible fact is that Israel continues the same practices today as when I was writing. It is critical to bring this to light.

Ellen Cantarow
Medford, Massachusetts


As a longtime reader of the Voice, I was utterly appalled at the one-sided pro-Palestinian article. Andoni and Tolan list name after name of Palestinians who were injured, but fail to mention that no one is forcing Palestinian youths to go out and throw stones. It is a conscious decision that they have made. More attention should be payed to what these youths are being taught. They are being conditioned to hate and to express their rage in destructive and horrifying ways.

Miriam Markovits
Ontario, Canada


I would like to congratulate the Voice on it's wonderful article "Shoot to Maim." At a time when ethnic cleansing is being approved by the masses and the media as a trade-off to protect national, political, and financial interests, this was one truly iconoclastic and penetrating article.

Khalid Azam
Daly City, California


Of the dozens of patients interviewed in this article, one was firing a gun, three others were throwing Molotov cocktails, and all but four said they were throwing stones. What did they expect—that their lawless and violent responses would be ignored? As for the global use of deadly bullets, what do you suggest—papier-mâché?

Meir Benlevi


Do "safer" bullets really make a difference? A gun is meant to kill. Soldiers and police officers train to kill. There is no order to the fighting to begin with. To try to rationalize war with "safer" bullets is ridiculous. Ban weaponry. Ban war. Share the land. There are over 6 billion people here and it belongs to all of us. Stop making it so ugly and dirty. It makes me absolutely sick to think that humanity has created "acceptable casualties" and "friendly fire." Be nice. Love your neighbor, because he struggles as well.

Wesley Frosolone
New Haven, Connecticut


In the rush to garner sympathy for wounded Palestinians, your reporters managed to skip over why it is mostly children and teenagers throwing rocks and harassing the Israeli soldiers.

The PLO whips them into a frenzy with religious rhetoric about sacrificing their lives in this world in exchange for greatness in the next one. And if offers parents a cash bounty for every maimed or deceased child. It's a shame these families don't ask why the PLO isn't out harvesting all this "glory" for themselves, instead of generously leaving it for children.

David Van Gelder
Rockville, Maryland


The idea that any Palestinian killed or wounded by IDF soldiers in the previous weeks might have been innocent of any wrongdoing, or simply protesting peacefully, has been completely omitted from popular reports. It takes an article like "Shoot to Maim"—and the knowledge that the 11,000 wounded Palestinians referred to therein are not raging terrorists—to make one sadly realize that the IDF is targeting civilians in the occupied territories.

Mohammed Loubani
Halifax, Nova Scotia


Andoni and Tolan's article mentions a boy who was shot from a distance of 15 meters. Fifteen meters is about 50 feet, or less than the distance from the pitcher's mound to home plate. A rock hurled from that distance can kill or cripple and must be considered a lethal weapon. That an Israeli soldier waited until an assailant got that close is an amazing display of restraint. As for Palestinian denials that they have placed armed men among the stone-throwers, of course they'd deny it. It disrupts their image as victims, of Arab David against Jewish Goliath. At the end of the article, a Palestinian is quoted as saying "We're not afraid of their bullets. . . ." If so, he shouldn't complain when hit by one.

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