Sam Saal
Highland Park, New Jersey


The article "Shoot to Maim" reflects professional courage and integrity. Not always do we find such access to truth in a world governed by corrupt power and survival of the fittest. It gives me and many others hope that salvation is near.

Samah Sabawi
Ottawa, Canada


Do you know what it is like to have 300 screaming, rock throwing, able-bodied men two blocks from your house ready and willing to kill you? Have you ever faced this crowd locked in a small Jeep knowing that you and your three army companions are the only thing stopping them from reaching your home? Do you know what it is like to live your life in fear that someone fighting for the so-called Palestinian cause will blow you up at work, or shopping, or on the bus going home, and truly believe they are going straight to heaven? It is very easy to sympathize with the Palestinians, but more difficult to be an Israeli.

Melissa Goldman
College Park, Maryland


For once, the truth isn't compromised by the media's incessant impulse to create a false sense of balance. This has never been a balanced conflict. The casualties are not evenly distributed over the two groups. One side throws stones, the other responds not just with unnecessary force, but with the cruelest form of ammunition. The question of accountability (who started it, Arafat or Sharon?) is meaningless, as is diplomacy, when you consider that a generation of Palestinian children are being crippled and maimed from shots to the head, neck, chest, and abdomen. Even if the peace process comes back someday, these kids will never be believers. It can't erase their hate. Can you blame them?

N.N. Abumrad


If Palestinians deny the historical fact of Jewish precedence at the Temple Mount, teach anti-Jewish propaganda worthy of Hitler in their children's textbooks, and encourage their children to be martyrs, then that's what they get—martyrs.

Jerrold Bernstein
Boca Raton, Florida


I want to congratulate the Voice on its excellent article about the current situation in the Middle East. It is only through courageous reports like this one that the true situation in the Middle East will become known to the majority of the U.S. population—namely that our tax dollars are supporting the extremely powerful and modern Israeli army, which is using tanks, helicopters, and missiles to perpetrate all-out genocide against a Palestinian civilian population protesting many decades of illegal occupation and human rights violations.

Adeeb Shanaa
Alameda, California


This article makes it sound like the Palestinians weren't doing anything, and they just got shot for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Why doesn't the article talk about how all these kids are taught from when they are little to fight against the Israelis? The people interviewed were involved in—and most likely instigated—the violence that was inflicted upon them. And the Voice thinks we should feel sorry for these poor children? Forget that.

Ari Jubelirer


"Shoot to Maim" is an honest account of the gloomy situation endured by the Palestinian civilian population under Israeli military occupation. Statements by several health professionals and wounded Palestinians show the noble struggle for survival by Palestinians against the evil hatred and bigotry of the Israeli regime. Unfortunately Israeli actions are backed by U.S. taxpayers' money and U.S. arms. Every honest citizen of the free world should know how the Israeli regime is oppressing the Palestinian civilian population. Humans have struggled and suffered for thousands of years to achieve the minimum acceptable standard of basic human rights. We should not let Israel jeopardize this.

Khaled Hassouneh
Ottawa, Canada


After reading "Shoot to Maim," I'd like to propose this nifty little experiment: Arm the staff of the Voice with rocks and Molotov cocktails and send them out to attack New York City police officers. Then we will do a study and write an article. How many will be maimed, how many killed, and how many taken out to a lunch of pizza and ice cream? I would bet my net worth that none of the participants would live to be interviewed.

Renee Kohn
Miami, Florida


It's great to know one newspaper still has the guts to print the truth. I was shocked when I read about the excessive Israeli force used against Palestinians—and they claim to be the chosen ones! I'm not saying all Israelis are killers, but this article sure showed me another side of the story that we never hear or see. Thousands of teens disabled . . . what kind of future do these kids have?

Zelias Zraikat


"Shoot to Maim" expresses such sympathy for Palestinian demonstrators (rioters would be a more accurate term), who were only throwing stones in the midst of others who were shooting guns, that I assume the Voice is hard at work on an even more shocking story. Of course I am referring to the killing and wounding of dozens of Israeli civilians.

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